‘I Am Nicol David’ Movie Biopic of M’sian Squash Queen Is Set To Be A Blockbuster

(source: SAYS)

Yesterday (7 June), the eight-time world champion, Dato Nicol David announced that her amazing squash journey will be transformed into a movie, I am Nicol David, for which she will be collaborating with ACE Pictures Entertainment – a Malaysian digital media and film production investment company.

“I’m so excited,” said the 37-year-old, who was No.1 in the world for a record-breaking 108 months until September 2015.

As for who will play the role of Nicol, the production will do a nationwide casting in Malaysia, according to The Star. Nicol’s coach, Liz Irving of Australia, will be played by a Hollywood actress but no name has been given as the production is keeping most of the details under wraps for now.

The screenplay will be done by two high-profile female screenwriters – a Malaysian and a US-based writer.

The biopic will not only cater to local audiences but also key markets in the US and Europe as ACE Pictures has distribution networks and connections to sales agencies in these regions.

Liz Irving (left) & Dato Nicol David (source: The Star)

ACE Pictures president Peter Wong also confirmed that it would be produced in English.

“Hearing Nicol speak about her life story gave us a completely different view into the sacrifices that had to be done in order to achieve her remarkable level of success,” said Peter in a press statement.

“While we believe many are willing to go beyond the ordinary for their careers as a pro athlete, the love and dedication Nicol has for the sport exceed normal understanding. This is why her biopic will not only be about an underdog’s rise to success – she was and always has been an established icon.”

(source: Zafigo)

To refresh, the Penangite is the most successful Asian Games athlete with seven gold medals in total and has achieved everything possible in the sport.

She was also crowned the ‘World Games Greatest Athlete of All Time’ in February this year as she topped the poll with more than 300,000 votes putting her ahead of 23 other athletes. The World Games said that more than 1.2 million votes were cast.