How Malaysian Students Really Feel About Studying in Wales

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After five years of high school, blink twice, and suddenly you’re on the way to school for the last time for your SPM results. Well, now what?

With many choices on what to do with your life, spending time out of your comfort zone could be an extremely enriching experience. Yes, we know it’s a New Malaysia today, but you have to admit that the diversity of students goes further when you enrol in a reputable Uni overseas.

Whether or not you eventually return to Malaysia, leaving the nest is one of the best ways to open new doors not only for your future career, but also for self-development. According to one IUMW student, Muhammad Kaizen who studied in Wales, “Classes were conducted discussion-style so we really got to immerse ourselves in our subjects and speak up fearlessly in class.”

Since the decision to study abroad is a big one involving calculations of your funds, and knowing what you want out of your education, opting for a dual award from the International University of Malaya-Wales might just give you the most out of your budget.

We got three IUMW students to share their experiences of their time studying in Wales, the quaint country (yes, it’s a country) southwest of Britain…

Farhana Kaniz Liouza of Bangladesh relates her semester in Wales as a fantastic experience:

“Everyone at the University was so friendly! Whenever I needed any information I always got it on the spot. The best part was, I got to experience the joy of a Welsh Christmas first hand, last year. The festive mood was infectious and there were tonnes of student activities to choose from,” said the IUMW Dual Award student.

Muhammad Kaizen, also a Dual Award student, said:

“The lecturers were awesome. They made sure we understood every single thing that was taught. We learned some great study skills that has definitely changed the way I learn. Classes were conducted discussion-style so we really got to immerse ourselves in our subjects and speak up fearlessly in class.”

Stunned by Welsh culture, Kam Chun Wui who is completing his Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in International Business said:

“I got to see a world that is way different from my own. Being away from friends and family during my semester in Wales made me independent and brave. I am so much more confident with my communication skills after conversing with people from all over the world at our campus. I also got to learn a little bit of Welsh which was a plus point!” he gushed.


Now you might be thinking what does a Dual Award actually mean and how did these students end up in Wales? Well, IUMW is the first university in the country that offers the Dual Award with credit transfer options for its programmes. Basically, it means that students get to study abroad in the United Kingdom for up to three years.

That’s not all though, as part of the Dual Award arrangement, students also get to spend one semester at the University of Wales without additional tuition fees and graduate with two degrees; one awarded by IUMW and the other awarded by the University of Wales.

So if you are looking to study abroad at a fraction of the cost, this is one amazing opportunity knocking on your door!

In case you didn’t know, The International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is a joint collaboration between the University of Malaya and the University of Wales. This premium private university is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Tucked away in a lush garden-in- the-city campus, IUMW boasts an academic legacy spanning over 200 years. As two of the world’s strongest academic forces, they offer an international educational experience like no other.

Need more good news for you? IUMW is giving away RM10 million worth of scholarships to those who qualify.

To learn more, call 03 26173131 or click here

Better yet, visit their vibrant campus during Open Days held on 18-20 May ’18, from 10am to 5pm.