source: House

A Familiar Place
There’s a sense of calm when you step foot into House due to the wood furniture and furnishings as well as the towering indoor trees and foliage that provide further serenity, making the venue a great escape as it’s located in an imposing office building-cum-hotel that’s riddled with an air of business and sophistication – men and women in stiff formal wear with even stiffer posture.

House has three parts to it; it wants to be all things for everyone, just like what we want from a home. It is a restaurant, a bar, and a winepost – three units that inhabit three floors (actually, two and a half to be precise). The ground floor boasts the longest juice bar where they whip up refreshingly healthy beverages such as their house tea which comes with a choice of fruit sherbet such as peach and lychee as well as their berry smoothie that’s not the run-of-the-mill diluted sugary sludge, this is lusciously wholesome, tasting of only real fruits.

Heading down a flight of stairs, you will be greeted by an unexpected wall of wines, exhibited in their crates and barrels. Pick a bottle from the array of regions and countries the wines come from, 30% discount if you take it away. But we suggest you take it along with you when you head downstairs to the bar, where one can choose to hang back indoors with the pool table or play a game at the foosball table or take a seat outside where the odd performances would take place at the mini stage.

Conceived by a group of globetrotting friends who wanted to bring together a confluence of flavors and cultures under one dining experience, the menu is a reflection of that. Though the menu will undergo the necessary change, these signature dishes have been a staple since the opening in November of last year. The chefs have managed to polish up some familiar dishes that may have been rendered boring because of their ubiquity but here, they’re all given a gourmet facelift such as the popular lunch time items; chicken rice, where the quality of grains is pronounced; the innovative wild mushroom soup, served cappuccino style with dusting of porcini powder; and the silky, unctuous salmon penne.

Though it may be a popular convergence point for expats and after-hour professionals, the cozy, laid back ambience of House is suited for anyone, really.

G02 & LG02-04, GTOWER
T: 03 2164 4424
OPEN: 11AM – 1AM (MON –SAT) / 11AM – 10PM (SUN)