Hotties, What Should You Do When A Stranger Asks To Take Your Photo?

For those who are unaware, recently JUICE has received word that an individual has been claiming he works for JUICE and using our name to take pictures of women that he meets on the streets.

We would like to clarify that he does not work for JUICE and that we do not practice this kind of invasive photography.

If this has ever happened to you, please feel free to contact us about it and you can always ask any member of JUICE for proof of employment if they are asking to take photos of you.

For a full rundown on what happened, read our public statement on the issue below:

We are currently in the process of lodging a police report against the individual to ensure that no one else falls victim, however, we know that this person is just one of the many cases of uninvited harassment in the disguise of street fashion photography.

In light of this incident, we would like to highlight what you can do – as a hottie on the streets – when a stranger asks to take your picture.

Without further ado, here are the steps you should take…

1. Demand for their identity and credentials

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When some random fella is approaching you to take your photo, you have every right to ask them who they are and you don’t have to be shy about it either.

Our appearance and autonomy are two very important things and we can’t let a random stranger capture that and use it however they please without our consent.

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So, when someone asks, “Hey, you’re hot. Can I take a picture of you?”, you reply, “Who the hell are you?”

Well, you can tone down the sassiness but you get the gist.

It’s always best to get their full name, proof of employment (if they are claiming to represent a company) and their social media handles.

2. Ask them how these photos will be used

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After getting the stranger’s identity and credentials, you should ask the photographer why they are even taking your photo in the first place.

The most glaring red flag is if they reply, “Oh, just for personal use. Because you’re so hot, I had to take a picture.”

That form of response warrants an immediate, “No way!” and a smack to the face with an umbrella.

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In this day and age where Telegram channels that share explicit pictures of strangers are becoming more rampant, we should always be 100% sure how our photos are going to be used once they are in the hands of someone else.

We are living in hedonistic times and being stingy with your trust is the right way to go about life – especially when you’re hot and have something to offer.

But if they provide a reasonable answer and they prove themselves as an actual photographer, by all means, flaunt your hotness.

3. Follow up with the photographer

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At this stage, the stranger has probably given you their identity, credentials and social media handles. If you want their birth chart, I personally feel it’s well within your rights to ask for that too.

With that, you can keep up with the photographer and see what else they’ve been posting.

If it’s been weeks and your picture is still not up despite them promising to post it, don’t be afraid to ask why.

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Don’t forget that this person took a photo of you, which means they have a piece of you albeit merely digital that they can use whenever, wherever, and most importantly, however they please.

So, it is completely okay to be stern when you feel uncomfortable or weary regarding their ownership of your photo.

If you want it deleted, feel free to tell them that too.

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In closing, allowing strangers to take photos of you is a slippery slope because 1. Stranger danger – we’ve all been taught this when we were younger and 2. They now have a piece of you with them despite you not knowing them at all.

It is highly crucial to remain proactive and stern on what we feel comfortable with because at the end of the day, they are asking for a favour from you.

And if you do not want your photo to be taken, reject them.

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Get spooky with it (still from Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam)

You can use the phrases, “Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable with that,” or simply, “No, I don’t want you to.” If you want to get abstract with it, say, “I’m a pontianak. I won’t show up on your camera anyway.”

If they remain persistent (or annoy you), you can threaten legal action against them or simply turn the tables around and start recording them. See how they like it.

Once you have rejected them, keep your eye on them to see if they have accepted that rejection and buzzed off or if they’re still lurking around you.

Creeps tend to not take no for an answer and they might attempt to take a photo of you without your consent, so always be weary of that.

All in all, JUICE hopes that all of you hotties stay safe and that your hot pictures are only taken and posted strictly with your consent.