8 Hottest Hot Pots In The Klang Valley You Probably Haven’t Tried

Source: The New York Times

Steamboat or hot pot is perhaps the most perfect bonding food. Cooking the food together from a shared pot in the middle and gossiping while waiting for the food to be ready definitely makes for a fun mealtime with your loved ones.

If you’re a hot pot aficionado, here are 8 places you should definitely visit! 

1. Shu Daxia Hot Pot, KLCC

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Originating from Chengdu, Shu Daxia Hotpot takes pride in their Sichuan Mala Hotpot. Proudly served not only in China, but also Australia, Japan and now, Malaysia.

Shu Daxia’s menu selection isn’t the most extensive, but it’s complete with a variety of premium meat, seafood, and vegetables that are more than enough for your spicy-licious hot pot experience.

This place is quite famous for their meat serving presentation, where meat will be placed surrounding the hotpot.

Last I checked, valet parking is free for dine-ins!

2. Xiao Long Kan, Fahrenheit 88

Source: The Smart Local

Speaking of Chengdu, if you haven’t had the infamous Sichuan hotpot there, Xiao Long Kan is deemed to be the next best thing. The interior alone gives you the feeling of having walked into an old Chinese establishment from the Qing Dynasty and it’s open daily till midnight for now (and once MCO is fully lifted, they’ll be back to their pre-pandemic closing time – 2am).

The sight of a boiling pot of chillies-filled broth is indeed warning that you’ll be sweating at the end of the meal. Needless to say, their signature Mala soup base is unquestionably a must have here.

With just a few seconds of swishing in the hot broth, the premium Australian A5 Beef with excellent marbling certainly guarantees a great satisfaction. All the ingredients in the menu also come with suggested cooking times to ensure that you don’t overcook, or undercook, the ingredients for its best texture and flavour.

3. Fei Fan Hot Pot, SS15

Source: Eatigo

Subangites, I got you. Fei Fan offers Hong Kong style hotpot compared to other steamboat buffets in town, with an option of pork bone, tomato, spicy ‘Ma La’ or pepper pig’s stomach soup.

You get a selection of pork shoulder, pork belly, pork intestines, chicken in rice wine and way more offered in their menu to enjoy with the hotpot.

There’s also a buffet selection of vegetables, noodles, egg and frozen meatballs if that’s your thing. The sauce counter is worth a mention, with more than ten types of sauces to pick and choose from, to create your own dipping sauce!

For RM45.90++ per person, this popular hot pot place is one for the books. Be sure to call ahead and book a table because walk-in customers usually have to wait between 30 minutes to an hour.

4. Hong Kong Hot Pot, Bangsar

Source: Spicy Sharon

The décor in this establishment is fashioned to feel as though you’re in the heart of Hong Kong itself.

The sakura premium pork slice is great for dipping into the already tasty broth. This seems to be a well-loved menu item because it’s almost always sold out!

According to reviews, the pork meatballs are very close and reminiscent of the ones in Hong Kong.

But don’t take my word for it, go forth and stuff your faces at Telawi Square!

5. Mo-Mo Paradise, Lot 10

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I’m not entirely sure if this classifies as a hot pot place, but it’s definitely one for the meat lovers. If you’re looking for better quality shabu-shabu and sukiyaki within the all-you-can-eat category, then this is your best bet.

Mo-Mo Paradise offers a buffet spread of Australian beef and Sakura pork with an assortment of vegetables, rice and udon. Tea, water and ice cream are also included in the buffet package; soft drinks and coffee costs an additional RM4.50 per head.

You don’t need much dipping sauce to accentuate the flavours of the meat. That said, the limited option of dipping sauce means you also hit your maximum capacity faster as there’s not much to help cut through the richness of the meat.

There’s also an all-you-can-eat Wagyu beef option for RM128 per person for the big spenders out there. Treat yourself!

6. Beauty In The Pot, The Gardens Mall

Source: FoodieKL

For all you health conscious eaters out there, look no further. This place offers a Beauty Collagen broth. Now I’ve seen everything.

The flagship scallop-and-pork-bone soup is painstakingly prepared over at least six hours every day. This complex, textured broth is rich with collagen, the coveted protein that’s popularly consumed for skin health and heart health.

Beauty In The Pot’s menu makes it clear that this is no ordinary hotpot hangout – the restaurant serves six soup bases, each one thoughtfully and uniquely designed with ingredients that promote vitality.

Serving the Chinese culinary equivalent of a tale as old as time, Beauty In The Pot promises the traditional pleasures of hotpot cooking in a cool, contemporary setting.

7. Feng Wang Fu, Fahrenheit 88

Source: Klook

This place is all about service and customer experience. Upon ordering your food, you’ll first notice a slice of white bread — used to absorb excess oil from anything that’s cooked in the spicy broth, reducing the fiery intensity at the same time.

The waiter will also be mixing a dipping sauce for you by mixing fundamental condiments such as chopped bird’s eye chilli, coriander, garlic and a specialty sesame oil that’s flown in directly from Chengdu.

“We are a franchise from Chengdu, and in fact, the first to bring the brand out of China earlier this year. So what we are serving here is a truly authentic version of what you’d get in the original restaurant,” explains co-owner Natalie Goh.

Food bloggers say no visit to Feng Wang Fu is complete without a serving of exotic ingredients that are loved by the locals in Chengdu. Unusual edibles like pork aorta, goose intestine, tripe, kidney, duck tongue, innards and pig brain are not for the faint hearted.

8. PoPo Hot Pot, SS2 The Hub

Source: VKeong

If you’re slightly more partial to the spice element of your hotpot experience, PoPo’s has a great ABC steamboat base for a calmer palate. Some say that it’s so good, it’s recommended to drink a full bowl of it before even getting to the eating portion.

The sliced pork platter, going for RM13, is a must have along with their cuttlefish pork balls. Two of the most popular side dishes are the Fried “Ming Ha” Prawn Cake, with big juicy prawns inside, and Fried Grandma Fish Cake which has the sweetness and fragrance of fried fish meat.

Numb your tongues and fill your bellies with these places after being fully vaccinated to enjoy the best dine-in experiences!