Hot Snow: A Malay Oasis

Local buzz band Hot Snow has gotten a lot of flack ever since the kerfuffle they caused on live national TV during their guest appearance on 8TV Quickie. Throwing the mic like a projectile and demanding payment on air, the band has since been banned from local TV.  While their legendary tantrum and juvenile behaviour might turn off some people, these guys are indubitably destined for superstardom as can be seen on the latest video to their hit single ‘Pendinding’. Shot in black and white to accentuate the earnestness in the soul bearing eyes of the vocalist, you could feel the sincerity when the line “laju, lari laju-laju..” is sung.















Okay, you got us.

Hot Snow is really a creation of Phuture Phlow Films’ upcoming mockumentary show Projek Pop: The Series. An offshoot of the short film they made of the same name, Projek Pop: The Series follows 8 individuals in their quest to make a mark in the country’s biggest (fictional) concert to date. The production hopes to give some veracity to its depiction of the music industry by littering the show with artist cameos.  We’re crossing our fingers that that this will turn out to be our equivalent of This is Spinal Tap.

Find the latest updates on the series here. Watch the original short film here.