High Court Requests Activity Report From Animal Welfare Board As Proof Of Fulfilled Duties

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The Animal Welfare Board, a Malaysian organization that promotes animal welfare awareness, has been summoned by the Kuala Lumpur High Court to reveal its actions since its establishment seven years ago.

Rajesh Nagarajan, an animal rights lawyer, said the High Court granted his disclosure request and ordered the board to submit an affidavit and provide an activity report describing its activities thus far.

After the board failed to divulge its operations to Rajesh and his associates, they filed a discovery suit against them. He claimed that the board had asserted that all it had done was done in accordance with the Official Secrets Act of 1972.

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“We contend that the animal welfare board has failed to carry out its responsibilities over the last seven years.  This is why we’re urging the board to verify that it has done its job,” he explained.

The Animal Welfare Board is a Parliament-created statutory agency established under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015. Its responsibilities include monitoring enterprises, educating and advocating animal welfare, and counseling ministries on animal welfare issues.

Rajesh praised the High Court’s judgement but expressed concern that little was known about the body.

He was convinced that the truth regarding the board’s efforts, or lack thereof, would eventually surface, resulting in better wildlife conservation in Malaysia.

In April 1998, the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation was founded with the objective of promoting a caring Malaysian society by raising awareness and promoting a measured approach to animal welfare.

On the MNAWF website, membership packages are available, with the organisation claiming that registered individuals will benefit from activities such as animal therapy, active forums, Q&A sessions, fundraising, and more.

source: MNAWF

The website also features a photo gallery depicting multiple events held by the foundation, predominantly the Canine Sportzclub. However, a majority of these images were shot between 2009 to 2012 only.