Hermes Releases Collection of Birkin Bags Made of Real Vegetables & Fruits

source: Ben Denzer

French luxury brand Hermes has unveiled a fresh collection of Birkin bags made out of real vegetables and fruits.

Artist Ben Denzer created the bags using asparagus, cabbages and cucumbers. Each bag is intricately crafted to the finest and most subtle details like the metal buckles, straps and handles.

source: Ben Denzer
The Apple Birkin didn’t make the cut, unfortunately. (source: Ben Denzer)

Hermes shared a photo of three bags on its Instagram page with the caption, “Enjoy the detour as classic Hermès bags inspire art good enough to eat”.

On his own Instagram, Ben Denzer shared the behind-the-scenes of how they were made, with some outtakes showing banana and apple Birkin bags that didn’t make the cut.


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Before you tag your rich vegan friends, you should take note that these veg bags aren’t actually for sale. They are just posted, as mention in the IG caption, to inspire and perhaps remind us to finish our greens.