Here’s How You Could Win A Proton X70, Free Bill Payments & More By Using These e-Payments

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This Spotlight is sponsored by PayNet.

Whether it’s buying groceries, shopping for new clothes, or paying our colleagues for lunch, it’s become a norm for us to whip out our phones instead of grabbing our wallets

Image via Fintech

We’ve all gotten used to e-payments in Malaysia. This includes paying our bills, buying things in-store and online, as well as transferring money to each other.

Thanks to our vibrant digital payments ecosystem, it’s now possible for Malaysians to adopt e-payments and enjoy cashless transactions. In fact, beyond the convenience, going digital is actually safer, more reliable, and more cost-efficient for sellers and businesses.

But who is responsible for making e-payments possible in Malaysia?

If you’ve used DuitNow, JomPAY, MyDebit, or FPX recently, it’s thanks to national payments network provider PayNet

Image via PayNet

Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd, or PayNet, is the national provider of digital payment systems like DuitNow, JomPAY, MyDebit, and FPX. In short, they are the ones who design, build, and operate these systems to make e-payments possible!

Thanks to PayNet, our economy can also continue to grow and develop.

PayNet is supporting local merchants and encouraging Malaysians to pay their local merchants using e-payments. That’s why they’re running a contest with amazing prizes up for grabs:

Image via DS&F

Grand Prize x 1 Winner
– Proton X70
– Online bill payments credits worth RM5,000
– E-shopping vouchers worth RM5,000

Consolation Prize x 5 Winners
– Online bill payments credits worth RM1,000
– E-shopping vouchers worth RM1,000

From now until 30 September, you could stand a chance to win just by using DuitNow, JomPAY, or FPX

DuitNow: Transfer to 3rd party recipient, minimum of RM10

Image via PayNet

JomPAY: Pay bills online, split bills will not be counted

Image via PayNet

FPX: Buy or shop online and spend a minimum of RM10

Image via PayNet

Here’s a closer look at how you can use each of these payment platforms:

1. DuitNow lets you transfer money to someone just by using their phone number

Image via DuitNow

It used to be a hassle to transfer money – you’d have to find out the person’s bank account number, then go to your bank or online banking to make a transfer.

However, DuitNow has made things so much more convenient. To transfer money, all you need is a DuitNow ID, which can be a mobile number, NRIC, or business registration number. With DuitNow, you can split lunch bills with colleagues easily, send money to your family, and even perform payment at certain local businesses.

Here are some examples of banks that support DuitNow:
Standard Chartered Bank | CIMB | Citibank | Hong Leong Bank | HSBC | Maybank | Public Bank | RHB | UOB

2. JomPAY allows you to pay all your bills online

Image via JomPAY

Remember when you had to go to the payment counter, take a number, and wait in line to pay your bills?

Thanks to JomPAY, you can now pay all your bills online through your bank’s Internet or mobile banking service. Whether it’s your electricity, water, or television bill, JomPAY has got you covered.

Image via JomPAY

Each bill will have a corresponding biller code – for instance, the code for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is 5454. Next, you can choose to use the funds from your savings, current, or credit card account.

3. FPX enables you to shop online using funds from your savings or current account

Image via Freepik

If you’ve ever shopped online using Lazada, Shopee, or any other e-commerce platform, chances are, you’ve probably used FPX before.

FPX is an online payment solution that allows customers to make payments for their purchases online using funds from their savings and current account.

Whatever e-commerce site you’re shopping on, as long as you see the FPX logo, that means you can checkout and pay using your preferred bank account. Plus, you can also use your credit card through FPX!

Find out more about PayNet and how you could win on their website today.