Sustainable Swimwear Made Out Of Plastic Bottles? Monki Did That!

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As the harmful environmental effects of the global textile industry become increasingly apparent, the growing sustainable-fashion movement has the potential to change the industry.

It’s no secret that most eco-friendly fashion can come at a hefty price. That’s why, some young Malaysians try their best to shop sustainably by bundle shopping or thrifting. And if leading designers want to capture the Gen Z market, they’ll have to take note of this important shift.

Recently, the quirky yet in-trend brand, Monki launched its very first sustainable swimwear collection at an affordable price.

Made with recycled polyester and recycled polyamide, the materials come from PET bottles and production waste fibres. This marks another step towards the brand’s 2030 sustainability goal to only source recycled or other sustainable materials.

Now available at Monki stores nationwide, take a look at some of the available designs for Monki Malaysia:

To find out more, visit Monki’s website by clicking, here