“Help Me Find A Wife!”: Man Creates Website & Puts Himself On Billboard To Avoid Arranged Marriage

Love doesn’t come easy for everyone. People have gone through plenty of alternative methods in the hopes of finding a person that they would want to spend their entire life with.

A man from London has gone extra lengths with his creative and ambitious method to find his life long partner, in efforts to “escape” from being in an arranged marriage.

Instead of relying on online dating apps, Mohamad Malik decided to create his own website, findmalikawife to help with his search for a future wife.

Malik’s website includes information about himself, what he looks for in a future partner, FAQs and even a Google form for those who are interested to fill up!

“My ideal partner would be a Muslim woman in her 20s, who’s striving to better her faith. Always personality and faith over anything else.”

For those who are interested in hearing how he sounds like, Malik has even included a video of him talking and briefly summarising the whole purpose of the website in under 28 seconds.

In the FAQ’s, the 1st question was, “Is this a joke?” and Malik’s answer couldn’t be any better.

“Nope, I’m serious. I’ve been searching for a partner who’ll work with me to grow our love for each other and Allah. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.”

Instead of just relying on his website, Malik has decided to take things a step further by featuring himself on billboards all over Birmingham with the tagline “Save me from an arranged marriage“.

“It’s tough out there. So I had to get a billboard to get seen!”

So far, the responses have been going well and Malik has even enlisted the support of friends to help him sort through the flood of emails he has received in response to his campaign.

Are you interested? If you are, check out Malik’s website and try your luck!