Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE

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“Where can I get JUICE?”
“When can we get the Heineken party experience here?”

These are the kind of questions both Heineken and JUICE encounter from people outside of Klang Valley on a regular basis.  And because we value our fans’ demands, we heard your call and we’re answering it with a massive collaborative peninsular tour that’ll have you weak in the knees this September!

In conjunction with the massive launch of Heineken’s new bottle at KL Live last month, the Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE keeps the momentum going with the same exclusive clubbing experience, and we’re covering a whopping three states with the parties being held in Penang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is this ‘experience’ we keep talking about, well, imagine this;

By collaborating with JUICE, the Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE reflects the Heineken quality; dope DJs, pimping venues, and of course, the great smooth taste of Heineken beer.

We can’t be more excited over the whole thing, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be excited too. Just follow the instructions below and you can get your hands on some invitations yourselves.

So come and party with us at any one of these venues. Or if you’re up for it, pack your bags, and join us across the peninsular for the entirety of the Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE .

To receive an invitation, QR codes will be spread around the respective cities we’re visiting, which will then lead to a microsite where you can participate in a contest for the invites. Alternatively, just click here to get to the contest page!

Click on to the following pages for the full line-up.

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