Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE Chat: HypeEmBeats + Jee Hoe


The first leg of Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE at 32 Mansion, Penang proved that Penangites really got it in them to party like it was some of the craziest nights at Barsonic and Daikanyama. Come this Saturday 8 September, it’s Ipoh’s turn to party it up and what better place to get sh!t cray than the club cluster at Ipoh Garden East. The place to party for locals, it gets mighty packed on Fri and Saturdays. Nights usually start with a scrumptious dinner ala street-hawker food – tourists will gawk at this – at nearby restaurants. Then it’s party time! Now there are lots of places in Ipoh Garden you can spend your dough on, some a bit dodgy and some not-so.

Generally, everyone here loves Barroom. The only place that JUICE heard dubstep in Ipoh, it’s like the mountainous state’s own version of Zouk except stretched out over a block with Barroom’s expansion of Club 9 and a chillout Shisha bar serving mocktails for when the night winds down. Inside, it’s 2-floors of partying with a decent sized dancefloor. You won’t need it though, cause unlike KL, people here dance everywhere – by their tables, on top of couches and even in the toilets. So don’t bring any pretense here.

Naturally we picked Barroom to be the venue of Heineken Progressive Tour x JUICE second stop! Bringing the best of the land itself, Heineken’s own Found @ Thirst, and our personal choice, the line-up in Ipoh sees Ipoh’s EDM it-boy Jon Vu, winner of Found @ Thirst 2011 Tommy Cham, and HOUSE THIS?! maestros HypeEmBeats + Jee Hoe.

Click the second page for our chat with HypeEmBeats + Jee Hoe. Want to get invites? Just check out this link here to find out how you can win ‘em.