Heineken Green Room – The Collaboration


While most beer brands are content with their established modus operandi of providing the bottles and hoping that’s enough to sustain brand loyalty, Heineken is busy integrating themselves into local pop culture. The video collaboration between them and 3 of the hippest local acts today is exactly that. Part of Heineken Green Room‘s viral promotion, the video series features dance punk duo Mini Compo, indie rock darlings They Will Kill Us All, and everyone’s favourite DJ pairing Goldfish & Blink.


Shot guerrilla-style by newcomer Kelvin Oon (you might know him as DJ ChaseyLain of Twilight Actiongirl), the 3 videos are reflective of the Youtube generation of videographers. It’s budget filmmaking that looks just as good as music videos you’d see on TV – heck, they’re even better than some of them, proving that vision trumps big budget.


Heineken Green Room is this 5 October. Get more info on the event and Heineken’s continuing support of the local music scene at facebook.com/heineken.