Health Ministry Targets Zero COVID-19 Cases by Mid-July

(source: Malay Mail)

According to The Star, Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham said yesterday that the Health Ministry is now aiming for zero new cases of the coronavirus by the middle of next month. He also urged the public to continue following the government SOPs so that “life may return to normal” sooner.

In his press conference yesterday, Dr Noor Hisham expressed confidence that going by the current single-digit incidence and the low death rate, the target is achievable by mid-July.

“Maybe in the next one month if we follow the SOP and the advice of the Ministry of Health, we might achieve zero new cases. That is our target,” he said in the briefing at Putrajaya.

This freedom is subject to public compliance with SOPs set by the government, particularly on social distancing, wearing of face masks, frequently washing hands or using hand sanitiser.

(source: AsiaOne)

He even cited a New England Journal of Medicine report that stated that social distancing alone could contribute to a 65% drop in new infections as a factor for the confidence. The statistics back up his confidence, with just six new positive cases reported yesterday versus 45 recoveries.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths from the disease remain at 121, with no new ones reported.

ICYMI, engagement ceremonies, weddings, religious events, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations can now be held starting from July. So, it seems like next month will be more joyful for Malaysians as long as we observe the new normal and hopefully be truly free from Covid-19.

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