Hawker, Mohd Wazeer & Family Keep Their Raya Spirits Alive Despite Having a ‘Closed House’

Source:CHAN BOON KHAI/The Star & Astro Awani

Hari Raya is the highlight of the year for many including hawker Mohd Wazeer Seni Mohamad and his family who are determined to keep the spirit of the old days of Raya alive.

Since no one is expecting visitors this year for Raya, Wazeer and his family will need to postpone their plans to throw a housewarming party for relatives and friends in their new house in Tanjung Tokong.

Speaking to The Star, Wazeer said, “I guess we will have to do a virtual celebration now. The health and safety of everyone are more important.”

“There will be Hari Raya celebration every day if we can get over this pandemic,” he jested.

The lockdown however won’t stop families from celebrating Hari Raya within their own household as it has always been about celebrating with your loved ones no matter close or far.

Mohd Wazeer Seni Mohamad and his family members decorating their new house. (Source: CHAN BOON KAI/The Star)

“My mother is sad that she won’t get to celebrate with my younger brother for the second year running. But she is grateful knowing that we are all safe and healthy.”

His wife Norfaiza Ramli also said that they were supposed to celebrate Hari Raya in her hometown in Muar, Johor last year, “We were supposed to celebrate Hari Raya there last year but we weren’t able to do that. I will miss preparing lemang and lontong with my mother and grandmother.”

“A video call will be the only way for us to stay connected with our loved ones during this Raya,” she added.

Saodah Abdul Karim (left) said she had to shift her stall to the roadside near Bukit Melawati since she is not able to set up shop at the Ramadan bazaar. (Source: The Star)

With bazaars being closed, open houses becoming closed houses, the meeting of families turning virtual, it has been quite hard to keep the spirit of Hari Raya alive in this pandemic especially for those who are affected financially.

The sudden closure of Ramadan bazaars is affecting many sellers as they struggle to gain profit from unsold stocks over the past month as they usually depend on customers who would shop just a few days before Raya.

According to The Star, many traders are living in fear of not only being at risk of infection by working outside to put food on the table, but also of being summoned by authorities.

Hopefully with online platforms, these traders are able to cover some of their losses due to the MCO.

In the light of Hari Raya, we hope that everyone stays safe and celebrates a safe Raya.