The Hair-Raising Claims That Besiege The ‘Haunted’ Oriental Cinema In Melaka

source: Travel Triangle

Given its vital role in Malaysian history and notorious reputation as the hub for torture and death during World War 2, allegations of locations across Melaka being haunted are usually pretty believable.

This piece discusses the creepy rumours and alleged ghost sightings that have taken place at the Oriental Cinema along Jalan Tengkera, Melaka, which is- you guessed it- now an abandoned, dilapidated old building.

Facing a café, locals who frequent the area have come forward themselves to express their belief in these supernatural occurrences, some even bearing a tale of their own.

Here are some of the most widespread assertions regarding the cinema:

1. A headless ghost who asks for his head back haunts the men’s restroom

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According to a man in his middle age named Frankie Cheng, the cinema served as a base for the Japanese army during World War 2, where a great number of prisoners were tortured and executed. Cheng, a 57-year-old restaurant employee, contends that he possesses “the third eye,” which enables him to see the dead.

As soon as the theatre opened for business, all kinds of scary activities took place there. In his youth, Chen was a ticket collector at the Oriental, and he says that a headless male spirit frequently appeared in the men’s restroom. Those who came across would claim that it would emerge out of nowhere and tap them on the behind, pleading for its missing head.

As a result, the unfortunate person will be petrified, would commonly have a fever that usually lasted a fortnight.

2.  A pregnant female ghost roams the women’s toilet

source: BBC

Cheng also alleges that “A long haired, pregnant female ghost would loiter in the last cubicle at the women’s restroom, and the lights would turn on and off for no apparent reason.”

For obvious reasons, the cubicle was eventually closed, but occasionally female users would enter by accident and come into contact with the spirit, who would supposedly let out a lengthy, terrible wail while clutching its shredded and dismembered belly before disappearing.

3. The cinema holds 2 haunted seats, and those who sit on them would be left with injuries

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Of course, the cinema itself retains its own eerie qualities. It is believed that there are 2 seats on the cinema’s upper level that would leave visitors with scratches on their faces and limbs.

Cheng noted that a ritual was performed in attempt to handle the situation. Red clothes were placed over the notorious seats and the cinema then cordoned off that particular area.

The cinema closed down over 20 years ago- but has not exactly been forgotten. In fact, locals utilise the area to breed swiftlets, to harvest and sell their nests.

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On a more positive note, the legendary cinema has become a major plus point for the aforementioned café that sits on the opposite side, as it’s been marketed as a historical attraction, prompting tourists to visit the area for its spooky qualities.

The food is really good as well… Alas, this is not that kind of article.