Hasbro Just Released An Impressive Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Figure For RM2,896

source: Hasbro/ Robosen Robotics

Looking like the most advanced and coolest Transformers figure yet, this Optimus Prime can walk, talk and transform itself into truck mode automatically with a voice command. And fans can own it for USD700 (RM2,896).

Hasbro teamed up with China’s Robosen Robotics to breathe life into the Autobot leader in a high-grade collectable that will make you feel like you’re holding the coolest toy ever.

Standing at 19-inches tall, it has 5,000 components, which includes 60 microchips and 27 servo motors (makes sense for the price tag) that allows it to punch, blast and transform on its own.

Optimus can respond to 25 phrases via voice command or the mobile app. You can even learn how to make your own custom movements in the tutorials, and perhaps teach Optimus how to dab (or maybe it’s better he doesn’t know about that lest his faith in humanity falters).

To match his iconic G1 appearance, Optimus has over 80 sound effects including clips voiced by Peter Cullen and the classic transforming sounds from the 80s cartoon. Included are his signature Battle Axe and Blaster, a travel case, a charging cable and an instruction guide.

source: MobileSyrup
source: Hasbro/ Robosen Robotics

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hasbro and look forward to ushering in a new standard of robotics with the most advanced Transformers robots for consumers ever created,” Sean Tang, director of Robosen USA said in a press release.

Now if they can only do something about it’s not-so-marketing-friendly, long-ass official name which is Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot – Collector’s Edition.

You can pre-order it now via Hasbro.