Hand Made Rugs by cc-tapis

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Alright, you know what doesn’t get talked about a lot? Especially on the sphere of urban lifestyle websites like us? That’s right, motherf*cking rugs. Try finding another site that talks about rugs (holds head up high in utter smugness right now). cc-tapis is a dope brand mostly because the name is stylised with every letter small in lower case, so we can f*ck with grammar rules — our art director approves. They also happen to make amazing hand-knotted rugs by expert Tibetan artisans in Nepal. Created in 2011 by the traditional Persian house Maison Camszadeh, which is well known in France for their quality hand knotted rugs, cc-tapis sports a team of designers that constantly innovates new approaches to traditional methods. Using undyed raw materials and innovative weaving patterns, the process of making their rugs is akin to an artform. From hand spinning soft Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products, each rug made is special in its own way. Sporting modern and contemporary design that is both timeless and distinguished, your friends visiting your house will just bow their heads in shame because they got their rugs from IKEA. 

For more information on cc-tapis, head on over to their website here

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