Haliza Maysuri Bought A Custom-Made Gold Necklace Worth RM25,980 For Her Pet Cat’s Birthday

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Source: Berita Harian

Malaysian company Bawal Exclusive’s founder, who made headlines last year for designing the RM100,000 tudung, has now spent a fortune on her cat.

Haliza Maysuri’s recent video on TikTok has gone viral after purchasing a gold necklace worth RM25,980 for her pet cat’s fourth birthday.

@halizamaysuriHadiah hari jadi Money yang 4 tahun.♬ suara asli – S.dmplii03

The necklace was purchased from the Habib Jewel store in Ampang. Haliza said that her husband has always been attached to the Persian cat Money since they bought her four years ago from a pet shop.

“My husband adores her very much and will take her for all his work trips or our vacations. And while Money’s birthday is on May 9, we only got the gold necklace much later because during that time, the country was still under lockdown.

“We wanted a custom-made gold necklace for her and gold is always a good investment.”

She added that whenever Haliza and her husband have had a hectic day at work, Money is always ever ready to play with them and entertain them.

For Money’s previous birthdays, the couple bought expensive cakes and the feline even has a new outfit to wear every day.

Haliza said that while she has two other pet cats, Money is the closest to them adding that the cat was good-natured and not as fierce as the rest.


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“Money also goes for her monthly grooming and spa session and is treated as one of the most valuable ‘family members’.

“She has always been a good cat and we look forward to spending more precious time together with her,” she said.

The video on TikTok has been watched more than 495,000 times at the time of writing. Here’s a few comments from netizens:

Kinda wish I was that cat right now…

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