H3 feat. Alcaponey

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Wobblecore maestro H3 of Bass Punks has been making his rounds in Malaysia not only for himself and his collective, but the dubstep genre in general as well.

With self-organised events that have had turn outs that would make a UK grime artist yell ‘massive’ in its original meaning, you can almost forgive new fans of the genre for only knowing H3. Opposite of that is the unknown AlCaponey from joke rap group CSBTEA (think Das Racist), an act who came seemingly out of nowhere just to confuse a sh!tload of people.

Their collaborative effort ‘Uh Oh’ works like the best of collaborations, a dichotomous rapture of the calm and the storm that blends Uffie-inspired low key swag rap with sudden infectious bass eruptions. To paraphrase her, H3 and AlCaponey, it’s mayhem, baby.

Flail your body to the wobbling bass of ‘Uh Oh’ at soundcloud.com/h3dubstep.

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