GUESS Watches Party Ahead of Time @ High Street, 1Utama

Rockstars and fashion have always had a symbiotic relationship, GUESS Watches understood this with the launch of their Fall 2011 Collection at 1Utama Shopping Centre. Going all out, their three-day event had a two-storey stage that was built around their new standalone store there that was erected as the pedestal on which the rockstars invited performed on.

Images GUESS Watches

Indie-rock darlings Hujan, Bittersweet, Oh Chentaku, and Azlan and The Typewriter; pop acts Mizz Nina, Awi Rafael, and  Shila Amzah; and modern rock bands Estranged and Rosevelt performed throughout the three days. While they offered the brand some star power, it was rock legend Amy Search’s appearance that lent GUESS Watches’ new collection the rockstar credibility they were aiming for.

With a swagger like Jagger and proper rock god fashion sense, Amy Search took the stage with Estranged and automatically got the crowd to pull the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” routine. Estranged, looking like the diminutive version of Daughtry, made for a good backup band to Amy, who looked like the diminutive version of Steve Tyler (but of course just as bada**).

Another highlight was pop r’n’b princess Mizz Nina who went down the stage to dance in the middle of a screaming crowd during her two-song performance.

The event offered attendees drinks by Absolut Vodka, but being an event held in a mall, they only provided mocktails. Nevertheless this probably gave attendees some illusion of rockstar misbehaviour.

All the glitz and glamour of having stars at the event didn’t overshadow the real intent of the show though – GUESS Watches’ Fall 2011 Collection. Passerby’s and attendees alike crowded the pop-up stores around the venue to check out the brand’s then just released watches, Quilty and Racer.

Having local music acts in lieu of anorexic models and Zoolanders is a welcome change to the branding of GUESS Watches, we’d like to see where the campaign goes from here.

GUESS Watches Party Ahead of Time was held on 15 to 17 September at 1Utama Shopping Centre. Check out their new Fall 2011 Collection at