WATCH: “We Are Mocked, Cursed & Disrespected” Group Says 6,000 Reports On Muslim Preachers Ignored

(source: Malaysia Kini)

Earlier this week, a coalition of non-profit organisations demanded an explanation over inaction towards the police reports made throughout the years over various controversial preachers who have notoriously insulted non-Islamic faiths.

According to MKini, Hindu Agamam Ani Malaysia Association adviser Arun Dorasamy claimed that over 6,000 police reports have been made since 2016 and yet no repercussions have been made against the preachers. Among the preachers reported include Zakir Naik, Zamri Vinoth, Shukri Nasoha, Abdul Halim Abdullah, and Ridwan Tee Abdullah.

Also submitting a memorandum on the matter at the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) office in Putrajaya on 26 Jan was Global Human Rights Federation president S Shashi Kumar.

“Jakim has totally ignored the fact that their Islamic preachers are the ones being the core perpetrators who have been making insulting statements towards non-Islamic beliefs which resulted in anger, provocations and created a backlash from the non-Muslims due to emotional outburst.

“These Islamic preachers have been creating propagandas or a narrative building, claiming that Muslim preachers and Islam is being insulted, tarnished or under attack by the non-Muslims, (yet) they tend to play the victim in the eyes of the Muslims as to create sympathy and gain support,” he added.

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As an example, S Shashi Kumar brought up the most recent case of a preacher, Idris Sulaiman who denounced Muslims who cleaned up other places of worship after the recent floods. The preacher also said carrying out such an act was akin to cleaning gambling outlets and discotheques, adding that temples were houses of the devil.

Another incident was when Islamic preacher Syakir Nasoha claimed that Hindus, Buddhists and Dayaks are plotting to annihilate Muslims. According to him, the preacher went as far as to say that the Dayak community butchers and rape Muslims in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Besides that, Arun specifically mentioned that over 6,000 reports have been made since 2016.

“We have enough laws to safeguard everyone, including the minorities. The problem is, every time we make a police report, it is (ineffective) to the point that the minority groups feel like there is no (purpose) in making police reports anymore.

“On behalf of the NGOs today, we seek an explanation from the inspector-general of police on what has happened to these reports. It is making a mockery of our system,” Arun said during a press conference outside Jakim headquarters.

This is the group’s second memorandum sent to Jakim, with the first being sent in October 2018 on the same matter.