Pokemon No! Cemetery Park in SG Tells Visitors to be Respectful & Not Hunt Pokemons

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(source: Reuters)

Avid players of hit mobile phone game Pokemon Go are being warned about where they try to “catch ’em all” after groups kept gathering at a cemetery.

According to Coconuts SG, the Japanese Association of Singapore has reportedly put up a sign discouraging visitors from hunting for Pokemon on their smartphones at the Japanese Cemetery Park in Hougang.

“The Japanese Cemetery Park is a site for those who rest in peace. Please respect them and do not enter the ground for Pokemon Go,” reads the sign, written in English and Japanese.

Although it was unclear when the sign was put up, a picture of the sign barring entry to players of the augmented reality game was posted on Tuesday (25 Jan) on Instagram account @publicnoticesg, known for documenting quirky signs put up in public spaces around Singapore.

Take a look:

In case you didn’t know, players in the game are encouraged to explore the real world to catch animated monsters from the popular Japanese television series Pokemon, but the game has been known for causing nuisance and in more extreme cases, fatal accidents.

Since the game launched in 2016, game developers have removed landmarks around the world, such as Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb memorial park and Washington’s U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, as Pokestops. Authorities around the world have also issued warnings as players, glued to their phones, fell off cliffs and walked into traffic.