Groundislava Announces Sophomore Album Feel Me

Groundislava’s self-titled debut last year was one of JUICE‘s Best Electronic Album of 2011, and for good reasons. It succeeded where other beat scene-alumni failed, it features actual glimpses of song composition as opposed to Dilla-esque haphazard torrent of ideas thrown into a single ephemeral beat. As dedicated of a chiptune album it is, the debut is never stagnant. Often time its 8-bit nostalgia segues to hip hop-informed beats before being married to (but never marred by) unforced vocal contributions.

Recently Jasper Patterson (aka Groundislava) has announced the follow-up long play to his debut. Entitled Feel Me, the LP is due out on 28 August this year on FoF Music. Billed as a “mature step” for Groundislava (whose father is director of A-Ha’s classic music video ‘Take On Me’), Feel Me features the likes of another one of our favourite recent electronic acts, Baths, along with Clive Tanaka, Houses, Shlohmo, and Jake Weary.

Check out the tracklist and lead single off the album, ‘TV Dream’, below;

1. Cider
2. Suicide Mission feat. Baths
3. Olympia 2011
4. TV Dream feat. Clive Tanaka
5. After Hours
6. Jasper’s Song I
7. Cool Party
8. Flooded ft. Houses
9. Jasper’s Song II
10. Living Under A Rock
11. Bottle Service feat. Shlohmo
12. Love Ribbon feat. Jake Weary

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