Grandma “Accidentally” Strangles 13 y/o Grandson Suffering From ADHD Before Going For A Walk

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Source: theAsianParent (for illustration purposes only)

When it comes to tragic familial stories, this one takes the cake.

A grandmother to a 13-year-old boy suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), was charged with murder when she “accidentally” killed her grandson on October 8.

The tragedy happened in the Tanzi district of Taichung City, Taiwan where Chen, the grandmother, was living with her two grandsons.

The 13-year-old boy’s condition often pestered Chen with his screams and tantrums, especially when she would have to feed him his medication every morning.

For illustration purposes only

One morning, however, Chen let her frustrated emotions get the best of her and tied a bungee cord around her grandson’s neck.

She then proceeded to leave the house and go on a 90-minute walk around the neighbourhood. Chen came home to find her grandson lying unconscious in the living room.

Although she had immediately phoned the police and ambulance, when they arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police have arrested Chen and charged her with the murder of her own grandson.

Source: China Press

Contrary to his behaviour, neighbours were surprised to hear about the reason behind this act of violence.

They said the 13-year-old grandson was a polite young man who never failed to greet everyone who passed by, despite the tantrums that come with his condition.

“His aunt would also often visit him, his brother, and Chen whenever she could. It’s such a pity to see such a tragedy unfold,” said one of the neighbours.

If you thought that was already devastating enough, this family hasn’t had the best history either.

According to China Press, the two grandsons came under Chen’s care due to the passing of their father from cancer.

Not long after that, their mother also knocked on heaven’s door when she died in a train accident. She was believed to have been suffering from depression.

The boy’s younger brother has been handed over to the Social Affairs Bureau to make the necessary living arrangements for him, while he stays with his aunt under her temporary care.

Let’s hope that no more tragedies befall this family that has clearly gone through enough.

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