Graffiti Artist, Vile, Makes Walls Look See-Through

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source: boredpanda

When it comes to graffiti, public opinion is usually divided. You either love it or hate it. One could make a case for either side of the fence you stand on. On one hand, some might dismiss graffiti as an opportunity to vandalise public property. In the same breath, you could also argue that graffiti serves as a form of street art that allows people to express themselves (primarily) through cans of spray paint.

Now look at the photo above, and tell me whether that counts as ‘vandalism’. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but to me personally, that is without a doubt one of the most impressive and beautiful pieces of art I’ve laid my eyes on in a good minute.

source: mymodernmet

The artist behind these mind-blowing ‘transparent’ pieces goes by the moniker of Vile, whose birth name is Rodrigo Miguel Sepúlveda Nunes hailing from Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal. According to BoredPanda, Vile began to hone his craft of spray-painting at the tender age of 14.

Through learning different art disciplines such as oil painting, watercolour, digital drawings and even tattooing, Vile eventually became a graffiti maestro and mural painter.

source: Instagram

He also drew inspiration from watching animated films and cartoons which is noticeable in some of his other work. Because of his incredible talents, international brands such as OPEL, Worten, and even the Portuguese Red Cross have sought him out for collaborations.

If you’re into graffiti, drawings or just an art fan in general, do yourself a favour and check his work out on Instagram and Facebook which will leave you astounded!


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