55, SS15/4B
T: 03 5611 7600

Non-Subang natives might not know this, but formerly conceptual store Grafa has been revamped as a restaurant-focused joint. Its signage no longer carries exclusive subculture-driven words such as ‘bicycles’ and ‘design’, in lieu of those is just an entirely accessible ‘café restaurant’. While not entirely distancing themselves from its youthful subculture roots – the front of the restaurant still has special interest items; lomo cams, fixies, etc. – Grafa is now family-oriented and mass-centred. Its design is more Wondermilk homely than the cool, cold mechanical look of its ‘bicycle café’ days. Oddly, everyone’s favourite Taman Mayang rotund uncle, William, is in charge of cooking up the new menu – serving the same dishes there, albeit streamlined and safer (you know what we mean). Hipsters need not feel betrayed, the crowd is still pretty much the same, just that you have ordinary families and more walk-ins now. Inclusiveness is the way to go in business, son.

CLIENTELE College students, professional young adults, families.

DRINKS Sophisticated brewed coffee, tea, fruit juice to ice blended drinks. Try the herbal soda.

MUSIC POLICY Pretty random. From hipster favourites to club hits to old school Malay songs. Grafa still hosts the occasional gigs, most recently Converse’s Act of Disruption and JUICE’s very own Bands Have More Fun.

MENU Ever eaten at William’s and wished the food were more sterile? Thank god for Grafa, then. Sandwiches, local delicacies, international cuisine including western, Persian and Italian food with Asian twist to the taste with William’s trademarked insane portions.

PARKING There’s parking everywhere but being Subang Jaya, it gets very difficult. But after 4pm you can park at your convenience at the back of the restaurant!