Gossip: Perfect Video to a ‘Perfect World’

If you weren’t already an ardent fan of Gossip before, we bet they made a fan out of you when they performed here for Heineken Green Room last year. Now returning with a fifth studio album A Joyful Noise, slated for release sometime this May, Gossip comes correct with new single off the album; ‘Perfect World’. Bringing even more pop accessibility to the table with the inclusion of Brian Higgins as producer, the man who has given his golden (platinum even) touch to the likes of Kylie Minogue and Pet Shop Boys manages to imbue that same magic to Gossip’s brand of dance punk.

Gossip’s oddly sexy (is that offensive to say?) frontwoman Beth Ditto claims that she “spent the whole year listening to ABBA.” The influence is obvious on the infinitely danceable and very anthemic single. The video sees Beth in broody gothic mode, strolling around a monochrome castle before bumping into a team of dancers and a magical door to a stained glass window with Pleasantville superpowers, which imbues her world with colours.

Cue Beth being her usual fabulous self coupled with effeminate back up dancers. Eventually Beth’s Adele-inspired look is replaced with a loveably gaudy outfit (now that’s the Gossip we love) whose colours seem to reflect the stained glass windows. All while a rainbow prism of crystalised lights blind us. We love it.

A Joyful Noise comes out sometime this May. Find more gossip on the band here.