Gombak Mosque-Goers To Replace Invalid Fast Following Early-Azan Mistake

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Photo used as illustration only. Source: Astro Awani/Shahir Omar

During Ramadan, Muslims break their fast upon hearing the azan at dusk. Unfortunately mosque-goers at Masjid Al-Khairiyah at Taman Seri Gombak in Kuala Lumpur were told to replace their fast yesterday due to a technical problem causing the call to prayer to be played three minutes earlier on Monday.

According to Malay Mail, administrator of the mosque Wan Nawawi Wan Dagang released a statement for those who went to the mosque for iftar.

“Congregants who rely solely on the Maghrib call to prayer from Al-Khairiyah Mosque to break their fast, please know that your fast is void on that day and needs to be replaced,” he said.

Wan Nawawi also mentioned that the fasting yesterday was void and must be replaced according to the views of Islam scholars Hanafi, Maliki and Syafie schools of jurisprudence including the Hanbali school.

He also issued an apology saying, “Once again we apologise and God willing, such a thing will not happen again.”

Social media image source: Facebook