7 Muslim-Friendly Chinese Restaurants in KL That You Can Have Iftar At

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You would think that during Ramadan, Muslims would be able to escape the stress of deciding what to eat for lunch since we can only eat during the night but you’re totally wrong! Deciding on what to eat is the most crucial and hardest thing during Ramadan (fasting is the easiest for me though).

Since halal Chinese food seems to be the in-thing with Muslim diners nowadays, JUICE is here to recommend our favourite Muslim-friendly Chinese restaurants in KL that you should try and bring your family along too so mak can take a break from the kitchen.

1. In Colonial, Intermark Mall

For British Colonial-esque dining vibes, you can definitely try out In Colonial located at Intermark Mall. If you’re keen to try out new menus, this is a place for you to have a taste of an Anglo-Chinese cuisine.

Their menu ranges from a sensational selection of seafood like Hiroshima Oysters and Jumbo Prawns to Duck Rice in Broth which is their famous dish! You should definitely try out In Colonial’s mocktails such as the Cucumber and Passionfruit Mocktail or the Green Apple Splash!

2. Al Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant, Pavilion KL

If you’re one of those people who spend a lot of time browsing the menu then fret not because Al Amber has an extensive menu with over 80 food and beverage items for customers to decide on but don’t spend too much time deciding though – you don’t want to miss iftar!

Their popular dishes include the Roasted Lamb Chops marinated with ‘sannai’ Chinese spices and Steamed Shrimps in Hot Chilli Oil dish cooked in a Szechuan Ma La sauce. Did that selection from their tasty menu make you drool yet? 

3. Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ, Pavilion KL

Also located at Pavilion, if you’re a lover of noodles then you should definitely give Grand Imperial’s Chinese handmade ‘La Mian’ noodles a try.

You can also try the infamous hotpot where customers can select different kinds of seafood, meats and dumplings that are enough to satisfy your puasa cravings and also perfect for a family feast!

4. Grandmama’s, Pavilion KL & Intermark Mall 

Since it’s the second year of not being able to balik kampung, I’m sure some of us are longing for our grandma’s home-cooked meals but with Grandmama’s authentic Malaysian cuisine, missing kampung is a little easier as you can have a taste of their homely signature Chinese dishes like Duck Egg Char Kway Teow, Grandmama’s Prawn Mee and Hakka Fried Rice. Their homemade style will reminds you of what Grandma would’ve cook for you as well.

5. Daily Kopitiam, Pavilion KL & Daily Express, Intermark Mall

If you’re looking for a change of scenery from the fancy restaurants or your humble abode, then Daily Kopitiam is the place for you. As true Malaysians, we sure love our Kopitiam and because we can’t lepak at a Kopitiam during lunch time, why not for iftar?

Daily Kopitiam and Daily Express is where you can find your favourite Chinese Malaysian noodle dishes from Penang Prawn Mee, Penang Curry Mee, Assam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun, Lam Mee, and Fried Mee/Mee Hoon and not to mention their signature Kopi to complete your Kopitiam adventure.

6. Dolly Dim Sum, Pavilion KL

Satisfy your dim sum cravings at the famous Dolly Dim Sum with their variety of scrumptious bite-sized Chinese dishes that will fill your tummy and boost your energy. And it’s not Dolly Dim Sum without their fan-favourite Salad Prawn Dumpling, Golden Fish Cracker, Har Gao Dumpling and the mouth-watering oozy Signature Egg Custard Bun.

7. CHICHA San Chen, Pavilion KL

What’s a scrumptious meal without finishing it off with a sweet drink or dessert am I right? Get a taste of drinks handcrafted by Taiwanese tea masters CHICHA San Chen right after Iftar!

You can choose between six different teas as the base – Green Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, High Mountain Pouchong Tea, Black Tea, Dong Ding Oolong Tea and Cassia Black Tea and choose the topping of your choice. It’s definitely something I look forward to after a heavy meal!  


Well, there you go! Some muslim-friendly restaurants you should definitely visit this Ramadan with your loved ones! Selamat berbuka!

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