“Amazing, Right?”: M’sian Girl Overjoyed That KJ Still Remembers Her Name After 6 Years

source: Unreserved

No matter how old you are, meeting an influential person, even by chance, can be a pretty exciting experience. Such was the case for Anis, who had the chance to bump into health minister Khairy Jamaluddin not once, but thrice.

Anis said on Tiktok that she initially met Khairy in Cambodia six years ago while volunteering for a KBS programme. She encountered him once more as mentioned in another clip, at MYCorps, a ministry-run volunteer programme, when he was the minister of youth and sports.

This time, she ran into Khairy at the AS LLM Dash Penchala Link Run 2022, which took place on Saturday (Nov 5). Watch the wholesome exchange here:

@anisabrashid Replying to @inicuyaa Even after 6years, he still remember me. So sweet! @Khairykj #KJ #khairyjamaluddin #talldarkandhandsome #fyp #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypp #foryoupage #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Anis Anira

In the clip, Khairy unassumingly asks her if she knows how he managed to recall her name. In shock, she responds, “Do you remember me?”

KJ, in response, puts on a million-watt smile and simply responds, “Yes, I do! Anis!”

Netizens were quick to flock to the comments section of the now-viral clip, in awe of Khairy’s good memory and friendliness, some noting that Khairy is the “type to remember faces.”

This was obviously a fangirl moment for Anis as well, as she hashtagged #talldarkandhandsome in the video’s caption.

Will she have more in the future? Only time will tell…