Controversy Erupts As Ghost Emoji Replaces Crucifix in “The Nun II” Billboard Poster In Bandar Sunway

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source: Reddit (u/GeornoGeovanna)

A billboard advertising the newly-released horror movie “The Nun II” in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, has recently become the focal point of a heated debate after the cross on the poster was replaced with a ghost emoji.

The incident, which gained widespread attention on various social media platforms, especially Twitter, has elicited a spectrum of reactions from the public.

Prominently situated in a high-visibility location, netizens have been discussing the matter in the context of artistic expression, religious sensitivity, and freedom of speech. While some perspectives came from lighthearted stances, poking fun at the ‘censorship’, others believed that it portrayed respect towards Malaysian Christians.

The original poster.

One Reddit user passionately articulated their perspective, stating, “Have you ever considered that Christians may also be uncomfortable with their religious symbol being used as a prop for a portrayal of evil?”

Conversely, there were voices on social media advocating for a more relaxed viewpoint on the issue, leaving comments along the lines of, “There are more pressing concerns in the world than getting upset about a movie poster.”

A handful of other users, claiming to be Christians themselves, also noted that they do not take offence to the employment of the cross as a prominent symbol in the horror industry and in fact found it pretty amusing. Comments sharing these sentiments also noted that their “Christian faith is not so easily shaken by things like this.”

A sliver of mutual agreement did surface, though – As netizens collectively agreed that the poster, original or censored, had successfully given them a creepy roadside jumpscare…

Either way, as the discussion unfolds, it brings to the forefront questions on navigating potentially controversial themes and symbols while also being mindful of the diverse beliefs and values of certain audiences.

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