Getting Jiggy With It! JUICE 9th Anniversary ’90s Party’!

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Revolution is brewing in the air this month and tomorrow all kinds of fuckery would probably ensue at the BERSIH rally. We wish participants all the best because JUICE‘s 9th Anniversary is happening at the end of this month and we want you to be there!

This 29 July we are bringing grizzly unkempt men in flannel shirts back – the 90s has returned, baby, complete with throwback slang. To commemorate this we are dedicating the whole month to everything 90s, one-upping hipsters and their 80s fetish.

Image + Cover WordsManifest & Sueann Chong

Cop the July issue of JUICE and marvel at Goldfish, Blink, and Noh on the cover, channeling Trainspotting’s characters in all their drug-fueled glory. This troika of dudes ain’t on the cover for nothing though, Goldfish and Blink are set to play their new single ‘Bila Seharusnya’ (with Noh possibly making an appearance) at JUICE‘s Anniversary Party.

Interested in getting invited? Just click here and like our page on Facebook, it’s ridiculously easy for a free-flow event. Less easy is if you want to get VIP passes and enjoy immediate entrance to the party and the opportunity to mingle with JUICE‘s VIP artists and performers, just flip to page 120 of the magazine or click here.

July isn’t just exclusive to celebrating nostalgia, we are also moving forward to the digital age in the only way that would make sense in this age of technological portability. Attention piqued?

Stay tune, we might just announce it at the party.

Win VIP passes to the party by clicking here. The JUICE 9th Anniversary ’90s Party’ goes down at G-Six, Gardens, 8-11pm, Friday 29 July 2011. JUICE 9th Anniversary Party is presented by Carlsberg, official apparel by Puma, official lighter by BiC, official fragrance by John Galliano Parfums, official venue by G-Six Club, official pre-party venue by Ecoba and supported by FlyFM.

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