Get a Slice of Chizza at KFC

Finally, Singapore can stop boasting to us about the latest Chizza from KFC because guess what? It’s now here in Malaysia and we are ready to devour it down today.

When it comes to food, there’s no doubt that Malaysians will be in the frontlines. That’s truer than ever now that KFC has combined two of our favourite hangover dishes, pizza and fried chicken. There won’t be any more crust left behind cause the crust on the Chizza is a goddamned fried chicken fillet. For pizza dough lovers, y’all will be disappointed but let’s set things straight, we all know it low-key takes up space for the real highlight; its toppings and oozing cheese. We want the middle part goodness and KFC is spoiling us with just that.

The Chizza is topped with rich tomato pizza sauce, juicy diced pineapples sorry not sorry pineapples haters, onions, herbs, and gooey mozzarella cheese all on top of a crispy, succulent KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken Fillet.

Make sure to wash your hands because you’ll be licking your fingers. You have the option to buy it ala carte at RM7.90, and either choose the combo at RM11.90 or the box at RM15.90. If you’re feeling greedy or you have a big appetite, the box set comes with their amazing fries – which we find to be better than McD’s – a piece of chicken, soft drink, and of course, the Chizza. Meanwhile, the combo set doesn’t come with the piece of chicken.

Ala Carte

This exclusive dish will be served today, 21 November, at all KFC outlets nationwide. Based on Malaysians that got the privilege to try it before the public, they’ve said that while the Chizza’s size might look small in adverts, it’s surprisingly quite big and bursts with flavours in every bite. So, that’s good news for the rest of us.

Make sure to drop by any KFC outlet today and get a slice of your Chizza.

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For more information, check out KFC’s website.