KFC is Now Venturing Into an Apparel Collection That’s Actually Quite Wearable

When news got out that KFC (yes, the Kentucky Fried Chicken company) is releasing a line of clothing, the public probably didn’t take it too seriously until pictures of the collection circulated and damn, they honestly look pretty good. After releasing a Zinger burger into space as part of their marketing scheme – video is available down below – the geniuses behind KFC soon began a solid merchandise under KFC Limited, which sees printed socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more on its designated website.

In typical merchandise fashion, the price point is high considering the minimalism of some of the items, like this black t-shirt here:

And this Zinger Meteorite, which retails for $20,000 on the website (it’s sold out at the moment), carved out of a real space rock if you’re into space and chicken burgers at the same time.

Other than clothing, the line of merchandise also has a bunch of other stuff you can use as home decor or gifts for the fried chicken lovers of your life. The $76 mustard “Fried Chicken USA” sweatshirt is kinda cute and reminds us of something from UNIF, while the pillowcase with Colonel Sanders’ face seems fit if you want to have fried chicken dreams at night. For the artsy babes, they even have a mashed potato print that comes framed and unframed to remind you that there’s nothing out there that can defeat their famous mashed potatoes.

So, what do you think? Shop for the goodies here or simply browse through if you rather spend money in an actual KFC than on the merch.