2014 Stem Cell Transplant Allegedly Cures 53y/o German Man Of HIV

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According to doctors at Düsseldorf University Hospital, a 53-year-old German man was cured of HIV in 2014 after undergoing a stem cell transplant, making him the fifth individual to ever have the condition completely cured.

Despite ceasing his use of medication in 2019, the man, known as the “Düsseldorf patient,” has no detectable viral remnants in his body, according to the doctors.

Following a standard stem cell transplant, healthy blood cells from bone marrow or blood are substituted for diseased blood cells.

The researchers noted that the information disclosed is intended to aid future research into HIV treatments.

In accordance with the 2013 Declaration of Helsinki tenets, all controls were registered voluntarily, received no compensation, and gave their written informed permission.

Additional data, including the patient’s medical history and methods of consultations, can be found in the full report.