Gerik MP Breaks Down & Exhibits Signs Of Anxiety During Emotional Speech In Dewan Rakyat

Perhaps one of the toughest aspects of being a member of Parliament would be remaining calm in the face of distressing issues.

As for Gerik MP Fathul Huzir Ayob , speaking of the state of several matters within his constituency seem to have proved far too much for him, as evident through his sudden shortness of breath halfway through his speech:

The politician choked up while discussing the unpleasant road conditions and economic stance of Gerik, which he finds inconsistent in the face of the constituency’s rich resources.

“If you consider it logically, there shouldn’t be poor Gerik people,” said the speaker.

“Gerik is an area in Hulu Perak that is rich in natural resources like timber, tin ore, gold, and the most recent (mining) lanthanide. Yet, the reality is otherwise… Our lives are still challenging, and the roads in the village are unpaved. There is no provision,” he remarked.

It was at this point that Fathul began to express signs of anxiety, clearing his throat while loosening his tie. He then took a quick break to sit down and drink some water after Deputy Speaker Datuk Ramli Mohd Nor asked if he was able to continue.

He attempted to resume the speech but was interrupted by Puncak Borneo MP Datuk Willie Mongin who urged the Deputy Speaker to give Fathul some space.

Upon leaving the House, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof was spotted assisting Fathul in a wheelchair as they made their way to the Parliament clinic.

Concerns over Fathul’s health caused the footage of the incident to become viral on the internet. Internet users speculated that it might have been anxiety or a potential stroke. After visiting Fathul, Arau MP Datuk Seri Dr. Shahidan Kassim claimed that he was in good health and only need rest when he was approached in the vicinity of the Parliament clinic.

Fathul Huzir’s aide, however, confirmed that the MP’s status is steady and that it is not related to any disease rather to his being very sensitive over the situation.

If you are feeling uneasy or overwhelmed, or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to reach out for help:

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