Gear Up For Asahi Malaysia and Win a FMFA13 Weekend Pass + Appearance in JUICE!

Just because it’s an outdoor concert, it doesn’t mean that you have to half-a$s your dressing. Asahi Malaysia and JUICE want you to put on your swankiest festival ensemble for Future Music Festival Asia 2013. Look good enough and we will not only offer you a weekend pass to FMFA13, but you will also appear on our March issue’s Geared Up page.

To win, send a picture of yourself in your best music festival getup to us.

– Open for non-Muslims only
– Your photo must be at least 4MB per image/300dpi/3768 x 4752
– Full body shot, ensure your outfit can be seen clearly
– No cigarette and booze in sight
– Clean, non-busy background

Unclear? See below for reference;

Send your answer before Monday 25 February 2013 along with your full nameIC, image(s) and handphone number with the subject ‘Gear Up for Asahi Malaysia’ to [email protected]. Winners will be notified immediately via phone and e-mail.