Future of the Left: The Plot Against Crass Commercialism

It has been 7 years since post-hardcore trio Mclusky disbanded, but that never deterred 2 of the founding members, Andy Falkous and Jack Egglestone, from stopping their music career. Future of the Left is the product of their former band’s disbandment, a joint project between the 2 and members of noise-core band Jarcrew.

Foregoing their respective bands’ genres, Future of the Left is no-frills alternative rock. Now preparing the release of their third full-length album, The Plot Against Common Sense, the band has released their lead single; the crass commercialisation-mocking ‘Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman’. And they’ve brought back something with them — the noisy enthusiasm of their former bands.

Falkous’ sardonic wit is on full display not only in the lyrics (and title, a reference to ‘Sheena is a Punk Rocker’), but in the banner ads featured in the video as well. From the very first banner with The Ramones’ shirt and accompanying caption saying “you don’t know them but they’re cool” to the very last one that states “this chord sequence has been shortened to fit your attention span”, which is a bit of hipster irony considering the song’s length is just above the 2-minute mark, the song is a hilarious indictment of music’s current marketplace.

Fortunately for them, the official video above isn’t peppered with YouTube’s now ever omnipresent ads, or maybe that would have driven the point even further home…

Future of the Left’s plot against common sense will see fruition on 11 June 2012. Find more about the band here.