Future Music Festival Asia 2013: Smack My Piñata Up!

Orale, arriba la raza! Taking the festival race to a new level is exactly what Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) is doing this year, bromigos, hermanas, muchacos, muchacas, senors, senoritas, and other Spanish gender denominations (trying to keep to the theme here). Upping the ante this year by several notches, FMFA is stretching the festival to 2 days. How you asked? They roped in EDM’s legend-making Armin van Buuren to the foray, getting the A State of Trance 600: The Expedition World Tour (ASOT600) to our shores in conjunction with FMFA – making us their only Asian visit.

Disclaimer: JUICE hopes none of you actually speak Spanish, because then you’d notice that we don’t either.