Witness A Full Moon Eclipse Happening Today At 4PM!

A full moon eclipse is expected to start in Malaysia at 4:02pm-9:56pm today (8 Nov). This particular full moon eclipse is happening just a few days before the moon reaches its furthest point from Earth at a distance of 404,923 kilometres.

The Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) released a statement on Facebook explaining that the phenomenon cannot be seen in Malaysia at the beginning of the penumbra and partial eclipse phase as the Moon will be below the horizon during those phases.

source: TIME

That being said, Malaysians will still get the opportunity to experience the beautiful sight of the full Moon Eclipse! East Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak will be able to see the Moon rising in the eastern horizon when it begins to experience a full eclipse phase.

As for most areas in the Peninsula, this phenomenon will only be able to be seen during the maximum eclipse phase until the penumbra eclipse phase ends at approximately 9:56pm.

Observers interested to watch the eclipse are advised to be in areas with minimal obstacles towards the east such as high areas or a beach facing eastwards so that they can witness the eclipse as early as possible.

source: Times of India

It’s worth noting that the moon will enter the earth’s shadow during this lunar eclipse which will happen during the full moon phase. I’m not too keen on astrology, but surely all of this must mean something if you are!

Moreover, when this phenomena happens, the sun, earth and moon will be perfectly aligned.

So grab your telescopes (or watch online like me because honestly who has telescopes really?) and get ready to enjoy the beauty of another full moon eclipse!