Babysitter Rescues Baby From Burning House In Kampung Baru Fire

source: The Star

Yesterday (6 Nov), five houses along Jalan Raja Abdullah in Kampung Baru were burned to the ground in a fire which happened around 8:19pm.

One of the occupants involved in said fire was 38-year-old Robiah Abdul Raof – a babysitter whose brave actions saved the life of a three-month-old baby.

source: Malaysiakini

In an interview with Bernama, Robiah revealed that the baby was still asleep when the fire broke out.

“I immediately picked up the baby to escape the fire. I didn’t have time to grab clothes or identification documents. The fire was raging (on the upper floor of the house) and there was thick smoke, but I was determined to save myself and the baby that I have been looking after for the past three months.”

source: NST

She also told reporters that the baby’s parents were both working when the incident took place.

Despite the traumatising event, Robiah stated that she was grateful to have saved the baby and flee in time before the house was engulfed in flames.

source: Facebook

According to 65-year-old house owner, Abdul Rahman Maarif, the fire occurred after a short circuit due to the house being over 60 years old. He also mentioned that the workers informed him of a problem with the wiring which he had previously fixed before the fire occurred.

We are grateful to inform that no casualties were reported in the fire.