PHOTOS: Fujiwara Tofu Shop Inspired By ‘Initial D’ Manga Opens Its Doors in USJ 1, Subang Jaya

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Japanese pop culture – which includes manga and anime – have taken the world by storm so it’s no surprise that the fanbase has spawned in Malaysia as well.

Take it from us at JUICE, since some of us are self-proclaimed super fans of the Japanese animation and art world here as well.

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Translating popular food spots into real-life restaurants and cafes, Malaysia notably is home to a Naruto-themed bar and now, we are welcoming another manga-inspired spot in the form of an Initial D restaurant.

For those unfamiliar, Initial D is a street racing manga and anime that centres around Takumi Fujiwara – whom unlike his friends and coworkers – did not like cars very much despite the racing craze.

To him, driving was synonymous to delivering tofu for his father since they own the Fujiwara Tofu Store.

However, after a meeting with destiny whereby Takumi decides to rev up his engine and race a rival racing team, his entire perception changes as he begins his high-octane journey in street racing before possibly coming face-to-face with the legendary and unrivalled, Ghost of Akina.

Fujiwara Tofu Shop, USJ 1 (top) Fujiwara Tofu Shop manga (bottom left) and anime (bottom right)

For lovers of cars, tofu and yakitori, the newly opened Fujiwara Tofu Shop in USJ 1 might be the closest you’ll ever get to embodying Takumi Fujiwara.

Not just a restaurant, this spot also sells the famous black and white shoes that Takumi wears while racing along with other merch.

Check out the photos of the place below:

Outside, there are parked racing cars waiting to greet you into an immersive Initial D experience.

Inside, there are racing paraphernalia, a racing arcade game and of course, a ton of tofu-based dishes and drinks.

Visitors can spend hours at the restaurant looking for easter eggs, playing games and enjoying the treats that the restaurant has to offer.

Even if you’re not a fan, this unique restaurant will surely be a great spot to take pictures and hang out with friends.

May be an image of indoor

It is also worth noting that prior to this opening, Fujiwara Yakitori Bar also exists in KL which also takes heavy inspiration from the acclaimed manga and anime.

If you plan on visiting, don’t forget to drive your fastest car and follow them on Instagram.