Fugazi x Wu-Tang

Not since The Grey Album by Danger Mouse that there’s been a worthy mash-up worth mentioning. Well up to this point at least. Punk-influenced hip hop collective Doomtree is mixing their love for the two genres with Wugazi, an anarchic mesh of legends post-punk band Fugazi and hardcore rap crew Wu-Tang Clan.

Crafted with the kind of care only fanboys could possible give, Wugazi by Cecil Otter (rapper and founding member of Doomtree) and his oft-collaborator producer Swiss Andy is a precise mix of every conceivable coherent combination of Fugazi’s music with the Wu’s vocals. One of the album’s shining moments is ‘Shame on Blue’, which took the opening riff to Fugazi’s ‘Blueprint’ and a vocal loop of lead Guy Picciotto’s throaty voice and combined it with Ol Dirty Bastard’s ‘Brooklyn Zoo’, resulting in what can be best described as hobo rambling rock.

Even if mash-ups have run its course as a novel subgenre to you, Wugazi would prove to be worth your while solely for one reason; Ne-Yo singing over Fugazi.

Wugazi • 13 Chambers by WUGAZI

To download Wugazi and find more info on the project, click here.