Frustrated With Uncontrolled Crowds, Local Tuition Centre Sets Up Cones & Markers at Rumah Prihatin

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The phrase “kita jaga kita” is more distinctive nowadays with many citizens and NGO’s donating food and collecting funds in order to help individuals affected by the pandemic.

Now, the phrase itself has been elevated to greater heights after staff from a local tuition centre, MC Plus attempted to curb Covid-19 cases by adding cones and tape markers outside Rumah Prihatin located at Grand Seasons Hotel.

Prior to this, videos of uncontrolled crowds of people that have been lining up outside the premises under the hot sun, with little to no social distancing, made rounds on social media and prompted the tuition centre to act.

The initiative was started by local unsung hero, Shakib.S who was seen to be feeling distraught about the situation in a viral Instagram video posted by bondaumirahtalib.

The video states that Shakib was just driving back after getting lunch from Kampung Baru when he passed by the large crowd that consisted of mostly foreign workers lining up shoulder to shoulder, waiting to get vaccinations.

Shakib immediately got down from his motorcycle and started to control and advise the crowd to keep a distance as there was no proper guidance. He was also seen liaising with the police who were present on the grounds to take the matter seriously.

Later in the video, Shakib is seen breaking down and expressing his frustration about how instances like these result in a longer lockdown and more lives being lost.

(Source: Bondaumirahtaib on Instagram)

Without any further hesitation, Shakib and the MC Plus team took matters into their own hands and gathered at the vaccination centre at night to set up cones and markers for the next crowd that would arrive in the morning.


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According to Shakib’s Instagram story, the team had bought 100 cones and had set the markers to be 1.5 metres apart from one another. The cones and markers placed stretched 300 metres from the vaccination centre as that’s how long the queue was.

In another Instagram post, Shakib shared a picture of the day’s work. He mentions that he takes the pandemic seriously as he had lost his father-in-law to the virus.


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The video on bondaumairahtaib’s Instagram has gained almost 4.8 million views with many netizens expressing their opinions on the matter and congratulating Shakib and his team for their efforts.

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JUICE applauds Shakib and his team for doing what they could to curb the spread of the virus.

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