Fringe: Outside the Pop Periphery

source: JUICE

JUICE has long championed the outsider when it comes to local music. With such a small scene that isn’t conducive, or friendly even, to new acts who happen to be slightly left-leaning, we feel almost obligated to always be on the lookout for local artistes who could carve a new niche here. This month, noticing a new zeitgeist afoot in the bigger world of music – the kind with a focal point in electronic instruments – we decided to take a wider look into 5 acts (most already covered by us in microcosm); +2dB, Adam Kasturi, MOIST, MUSCLE//MACHINE, and Stellar Dreams. Read on as we profile each one of them and unravel the misconceptions that come with having a fringe-bent while not being completely inaccessible as pop.

+2dB || MUSCLE//MACHINE || Adam Kasturi || Stellar Dreams || MOIST