Free Screening Of ‘Roh’ In A Sepang Village Draws Crowds In The Hundreds

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How did you spend your Halloween weekend? Costume party at a friend’s place? Or perhaps nursing down a spooky-themed drink at your watering hole of choice?

Whatever it was, I am positive it would not beat catching a horror film while picnicking under the stars – just ask the residents of Kampung Giching, Sepang.

Held on the adjacent Pusat Urbanisasi Desa Giching (PUDGi) flatland, some-300 attendees were treated to a free ‘Wayang Pacak’-style screening of the Malaysian arthouse thriller Roh, complete with a special appearance by the film’s screenwriter Amir Hafizi and star Nam Ron.

Also in attendance was actress Sara Ali, who’s short film Nadia preceded the showcase.

Nam Rom & Sara Ali.

The event was a part of the ongoing effort to re-open the Malaysian creative economy, while providing a much-needed boost to the villagers, who had suffered severe flooding only a week prior.

After the film’s roughly 83 minutes of run time were up, a brief Q&A was also conducted, moderated by author Daniyal Kadir.

Take a look at some vignettes from the night:

I hope they all managed to sleep well after watching Roh, I know I didn’t!

You can now stream Roh on Netflix, to see what the hype is all about.