Former Miss Universe M’sia Fires Back At Female Haters & Participates In “Energetic Exchange” via OnlyFans

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Twice in one week? Samantha Katie James is on a streak. Not long after making headlines for her anti-face mask stance, she’s now shooting some fiery words back at her haters whom, her choice of words suggests most if not all, are women.

On Tuesday (24th August), the 26-year-old posted a series of Instagram Stories that directed to the comments section on NST’s post. Many took offence when Samantha commented that she only put on a “face diaper” when going “undercover around annoying people”.

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In response to some of the comments, Samantha proceeded to compare her physical body and theirs. “F*ckin jealous bitch, sorry I am wayyyy hotter and your boyfriend wishes he can f*ck me,” she wrote, before adding, “I don’t even workout and my body is way more desirable than all these trainers.”

Just 10 days ago, the former beauty queen complained about Instagram deleting her nude photos. As such, she created her OnlyFans account.

Source: HypeMY

When questioned by someone about her subscription rate on OnlyFans, which is (presumably USD) 44,  she stated that subscribers are paying for the “energetic exchange” and its “way deeper than you think”.

The higher subscription price was also because she didn’t want trolls and people who are not ready to merge with her energy.

“Keep reporting (and I’ll) keep posting,” she wrote. “You think you can shut me up? Not anymore.”

She just never stops, huh?