Former Miss Universe Malaysia Calls Face Mask a “Diaper” And Refuses To Wear One

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Samantha Katie James makes the headlines again, and it’s not for kissing babies, or whatever an ex-Miss Universe Malaysia is supposed to do.

The beauty pageant winner who was previously slammed for her racist comments concerning the Black Lives Matter movement is now allegedly trying to get people to follow in her so-called magical footsteps and not worry about health guidelines.

This time, she is claiming that she has never worn a face mask in public, and when she has, it’s not exactly for safety purposes. In an Instagram post, Samantha claimed to only wear a mask when necessary and when it’s convenient for herself.

“I will NEVER wear that f*ckin diaper on my face unless of course I use it to be undercover around annoying people.”


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A post shared by @samanthakayty

Posting a maskless toilet selfie of herself with a friend on Instagram, Samantha claims that she would never wear a face mask unless it was to go around without being recognised from people who actually cared about SOPs.

The influencer also claimed that her actions managed to convince others to take off their masks and told people how she was aroused by a man who took off his mask in front of her after seeing what she did.

“I saw a guy walk past me pull his mask off and crunch it in his hand! That’s my man. Love you whoever you were, that was hot, turn on.”


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A post shared by @samanthakayty

The former Miss Universe Malaysia, crowned in 2017, also proudly encouraged her followers to “show her where you really stand or you can be your own judge.”

“Me and my princess doing our thangggg. Coz we cute like that surrounded by everyone with their masks on. Oooooo spreading our light and sovereignty everywhere… tinklessss of magickkkk that they don’t even deserve tbh.”

Malaysia recorded over 17,000 infections and 174 deaths yesterday. To date, the country has had more than 1.5 million cases and almost 15,000 deaths.

In my opinion, the only thing she’s spreading is this little virus that caused a worldwide pandemic. Its called Covid-19, heard of it?

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